The Dr. Backup team monitors my nightly backups and sends me a notification email which details the status of the backup that occurred and an audited list of the files and folders which have changed since the prior night. This is very helpful as it guarantees I have a timely backup. Without it, I might not know I have a timely backup for weeks after the fact.

I had an experience the other day where somehow, someway, I deleted all of my client QuickBooks data files.  My recycle bin was empty. I was panicked to the point I couldn’t remember the Dr.Backup name or number. I found the number on the web after about 2 minutes and called Dr. Backup. I got right through, and within minutes, they were connected to my computer and started restoring the files.

They stayed connected to my computer for 5-10 minutes and continued to monitor the restore process until late in the day when I had to leave.  By the next morning, Dr.Backup folks had moved everything back to where it should be! Awesome service and a tremendous relief!

Tad Hinckley
Hinckley CPA