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White Papers

Dr.Backup Cloud Sync Backup Service – Overview & FAQ

Dr.Backup Cloud Sync Backup Service – Backup of mission critical data to a secure offsite server is essential. However, within any organization, not all data is of equal importance and there’s sometimes a need to economically perform “bulk” backup of data not critical to day-to-day operations. The Cloud Sync Backup Service is an add-on to... Read More

Dr.Backup Firewall and Internet Security Settings

If you operate your network in an enhanced security mode -- or otherwise actively restrict any outbound network connections to the Internet – then adjustments to your security software or firewall may be required. This technical note will summarize how the Dr.Backup service interacts with the Internet. Read More

Safeguarding Your Data

This white paper highlights the risk of not backing up your data - and makes a strong business case for the use of a good online backup service. Read More


Backup Storage Options

This 1-page matrix highlights the three storage options supported by Dr.Backup. Use a combination of secure online storage, a local USB/NAS device and economical public cloud sync storage, to craft the best solution for your team's needs. Read More

The Business Case for Managed Online Backup

This presentation overviews the level of effort required to deploy and maintain a reliable online backup capability for your business. It makes the business case for outsourcing this function to a professional backup company such as Dr.Backup Read More

How Well Are You Protected?

This matrix shows how RAID, Local Backup and Online/offsite backup protect against the top ten data threats a small business is likely to encounter Read More


Media Clips

Backup Wars

This is a fun-to-watch video parody which overlays online backup against the background of one of the all-time science fiction favorites. Read More