For Faster Restores, Complement Your Online Backup With Our VHD/X-Based Local Image Backup Service

 While online backups provide the ultimate in mission critical data protection, a full local image backup can be an excellent complement.

This add-on service enables you to capture and store full image backups of your files, application software and Windows operating system on local disk media that you purchase and maintain. This increases your organization’s ability to rapidly recover from a data disaster.

The Dr.Backup S.M.A.R.T. Local Image Backup Service performs LOCAL image backup(s) of NTFS and ReFS formatted disk partition(s) using the Microsoft Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS). Each backup is a complete, byte-for-byte copy of the original on-disk contents of the selected partition(s) at the time the backup began.

Backups are stored in Microsoft Virtual Hard Disk (VHD/VHDX) format on customer premise disk storage — supplied and maintained by the customer. In the event of data loss, the Dr.Backup client software can be used locally to unpack a copy of the ENTIRE DISK IMAGE to replacement storage. Once this entire image is restored, locally archived information can be retrieved using the standard Microsoft Windows file explorer interface.

A service description summary, pricing information and brief FAQ can be found in the Resources area of our website at this link.