ZERO TRUST Security Filters – Prevent Ransomware!

HackerSay GOODBYE to the threat of RANSOMWARE…and say HELLO to a less stressful computing experience!

No more worries about a single bad click, a malicious email attachment or a moment of carelessness on the web causing a major data loss for your business!

“Zero Trust Security Filters” are an integral part of the Dr.Backup B3 Protection Service.

They are an affordable front-line defense against malicious software and can be professionally installed on any Windows PC or Server in about 5 minutes.

After installation, security software “watches and learns” the applications commonly used on your computer for about 2 weeks.

During this time, an application “white list” is created. This forms the basis for protecting your system against Ransomware and other malicious software. Your ransomware protection begins starting week 3 or once your system is placed in protected mode!

By backing up your data, you give yourself a safety-net and the ability to get your data back should a loss occur.

But…Zero Trust Security Filters are used for data loss PREVENTION and are a perfect complement to your backups.

Think about it this way…

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure when it comes to protecting ALL your Windows PCs and Servers against cybercrime.

But, using backups to recover from a common ransomware attack is always going to be a disruptive and time-consuming effort.

Why wouldn’t you want to avoid this?

Plus, once your data is in the possession of “bad actors”, it can be posted on the “Dark Web” — exposing your trade secrets to the hackers of the world (and your competition).

When Zero Trust Security Filters are installed on all of your PCs and Servers, you prevent the bad guys from running their unauthorized data encryption and extraction software anywhere on your network.

This dramatically cripples their ability to victimize you!

This is the same technology that Dr.Backup uses to protect its internal network users – and now it can protect you too…

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