Pro-Partner Resource Page

Welcome to the Pro-Partner Resource Page

Pro-Partner Resources This page contains an extensive list of resources freely available to Dr.Backup Pro-Partners. We hope you will find these invaluable in your efforts to educate prospects on the benefits of protecting their business-critical data using online backup.

Most of the resources are available for download in PDF (Adobe) format. Those tools which require customization are generally presented in Microsoft Office formats.


Marketing Aids

The marketing aids in this section are designed to help you to introduce your business prospect to managed online backup service. Some of these downloads are templates which can be tailored to meet the needs of your clients. PDF-formatted documents are generally presented as-is, however in many cases the source documents can be made available on request.

Data Protection is a Dirty Job – A short presentation you can use at a Network/Leads club or give directly to a prospect – Very Popular!

Download and personalize this short Word document that uses a “Dirty Jobs” analogy to explain how the Dr.Backup Data Protection Service protects a small-mid sized business from a variety of threats. This is the perfect presentation for use at Networking group event, Chamber of Commerce meeting, “Brown Bag” lunch and learn session or your own internal staff meeting. 

Done-For-You Cloud Backup Service Placard – Our Most Popular Marketing Collateral

Download this two-sided leave behind piece that overviews our Done-For-You Cloud Backup Service. Many use this tool to help turn a simple break-fix call into a recurring revenue client. Contact our office and we’ll send you a starter pack of professionally printed placard-sized samples. If you want to reproduce these in bulk yourself (for a show or mailing), use this  printer-ready version with bleeds.

Done-For-You Local Image Backup Service Placard – An Essential Add-On Service

Download this two-sided leave behind piece that overviews our Done-For-You Local Image Backup Service. This add-on service is the perfect complement to cloud backup. Clients with large volumes can recover much quicker from a failure using the combination of cloud and local backup. Contact our office and we’ll send you a starter pack of professionally printed placard-sized samples. If you want to reproduce these in bulk yourself (for a show or mailing), use this  printer-ready version with bleeds.

Done-For-You Zero Trust Security Filters Service Placard – A B3 Essential Add-On Service

Download this leave behind piece that overviews our Done-For-You Zero Trust Security Filter Service. This add-on service can virtually eliminate ransomware and zero-day viruses on networked Servers and PCs. It’s quite possibly the easiest and most cost effective data protection service your business will ever need! Contact our office and we’ll send you a starter pack of professionally printed placard-sized samples. If you want to reproduce these in bulk yourself (for a show or mailing), use this  printer-ready version with bleeds.

Sample Quickstart Email Marketing Campaign – Small Biz Digital Safety Net

Download this Sample Email Marketing Campaign and begin marketing to existing prospects and past customers using nothing more than your existing email software. Detailed instructions and a sample email template are included in this easy-to-use marketing tool. We recommend that you build (and maintain) a simple email prospect list and mail the two messages provided at least once a quarter.

Sample Quickstart Social Media Marketing Campaign – Computing Essential

Download this Sample Social Media Marketing Campaign and begin marketing to existing personal and business networks using your Facebook, LinkedIn or other social media account. Detailed instructions and sample posts are included in this easy-to-use marketing tool. We recommend that you post to your social media networks on a regular basis – at least once per month.

Tech-Savvy Collateral And Talking Material You Can Attach To An Email Message

This colorful PDF document is perfect for your tech-savvy prospect. Attach it to an email message along with a cover memo.  A short technical write-up is combined with “infographic” slides that explain key features/benefit that should help to differentiate Dr.Backup from cheap online storage.

Decline of Service Template Letter

This MS-Word Template Letter implements a powerful passive aggressive strategy for convincing your clients that backing up their critical data files offsite is important. Use this template to document your high level recommendations and deliver to customers who were otherwise not persuaded to purchase backup services from you. Often, when they see that it was important enough to you to memorialize that they did not want you to perform this service, they may have second thoughts and proceed.

How to refer clients using a link on your website

This short paper explains how to create a classic “affiliate link” on your website that will refer an interested visitor to Dr.Backup. From there, they can self-educate and signup for a 30-day free trial of the service. Should this referred client sign up for service, you will receive credit (and commission) for the sale. It’s not hard. All you need is to insert a small amount of HTML code with your Dr.Backup Pro-Partner ID.

Download handy 1-page marketing flyers

Customize these flyers to meet your marketing/promotional needs. Includes: Who does your online backups? which features our famous crazy guy character and allows you to attach business card contact information, Think it Can’t Happen to You? with general information with offer to take 30-day free trial and our popular S.M.A.R.T. Informational Flyer which highlights features and benefits of a managed online backup service. This is a good trade show take-away.

Dr.Backup and Dr.Backup Pro-Partner color logos

Both the Dr.Backup logo and the Pro-Partner logo is available in multiple sizes and two configurations. Add them to your website partner page or use for other general promotional purposes. An Adobe Illustrator vector graphic rendition of the logos are also available upon request.

Discount “prescription” coupons to distribute

Dr.Backup discount coupons designed to mimic pharmacy prescriptions are the perfect “cure” for customers wanting to backup mission critical data. The coupon templates are formatted to allow you to affix a unique promotion code that identifies you as the source of the sale. Three offer formats are available: 30-day free trial, 20% off published price and free storage upgrade. If you wish to offer your prospects discounts, please contact us so that we can assign you the appropriate promotion codes.

Basic introductory presentation you can give!

This presentation is great to use at a Chamber of Commerce or networking group meeting. It covers the basics of online backup and why no business should be without this essential service.

Detailed matrix to compare Dr.Backup with other services.

This detailed worksheet helps to educate your prospect by providing a feature-benefit framework for evaluating online backup companies. It includes technical and service/support features integral to deploying a successful backup solution.

Summary price sheet of online backup services.

This one page flyer provides provides summary service descriptions and pricing for our most popular offerings.

Pricing and FAQ overview of integrated image backup service.

More and more clients want the protection of offsite backup for critical data files – AND – the convenience and safety of a complete image backup. Dr.Backup version 11.12 and later now offer integrated image backup. This document provides the details.

Additional white papers, presentations and media clips are available.

A library of whitepapers, presentations, medial clips and other useful documents are available online in our new resource library.

If you cannot find what you are looking for, please ask us. We may have developed something similar for another partner and just not posted it here. Downloadable resources are usually distributed in PDF (Adobe) format, but original format documents may also be available for the asking.


Helping your prospect to subscribe to an online backup service is more about educating them then it is about selling. One of the easiest ways of moving forward is to send them an informational proposal. Create a customized cover letter and add the enclosures you feel best meet their needs. Make sure you invite them to take a free 30 day trial — and perhaps even include a sample price quote. The resources in this section will provide you with good source material for this purpose.

Reviseable format cover letter starter page

Use a Microsoft Word compatible text editor to customize the contents of this cover letter. Be sure to replace the “<>” markers with your prospect’s actual information. The header and footer of the letter can be replaced with your own logo and contact information. Be sure that the number of enclosures matches the document count you use.

Price list flyer of popular services

This one page flyer contains the current retail pricing of our most popular online and image backup services.

Features and benefits matrix

This one page document presents a tabular summary of the major technical features and benefits common to all Dr.Backup services. 

Data recovery options

There are four different recovery options available to clients needing to recover from a data-loss crisis. These are explains in this document

White paper: Aren’t all online backup services really the same?

One of our most popular white papers explains in detail how businesses benefit from a fully managed S.M.A.R.T. backup service. 

Summary: S.M.A.R.T. service delivery methodology

This one page table details the specifics of our service delivery methodology. We highly recommend it be included in any informational proposal. 

About Dr.Backup the company

Since 2001, Dr.Backup has provided managed online backup services to protect critical business data. This one page company history is good source material for an information proposal. 

Overview of how an online backup service works.

This short document is a plain-language explanation of how an online backup service works and who should use it.

Detailed summary of reasons to choose Dr.Backup

There are a large number of backup service providers in the marketplace. It can be very confusing to your prospects why they should choose one provider over another. This summary document actually details many of the components of the Dr.Backup service that differentiate us from cut-rate services that don’t explicitly focus on their business clientele.

Safeguard your data or else!

Threats to your data are everywhere. This brief white paper highlights the risks and makes a strong business case for the use of a good online backup service like Dr.Backup. A “back of the envelope” cost justification makes this paper a favorite of our top-producing Pro-Partners.

Service provider comparison worksheet

The underlying service and support that clients receive may very well determine if they are able to reliably RESTORE data in an emergency. This worksheet provides and “evaluation matrix” of the criteria your clients should consider when objectively comparing Dr.Backup with other providers.

General frequently asked questions

This is a compendium of the general questions we often receive from clients beginning to educate themselves about online backup. It’s a bit of a simplistic discussion, but everybody needs to start someplace!

Backup statistics – poll results

This is the summary page of a Harris/Maxtor poll which asked clients a series of questions about how they safeguard their data files. It provides insight  to the risky behaviors businesses aren’t often aware go on inside their organization.

Monitoring Client Backups

Each time that a backup completes, an email message is sent to the client and/or their designated technical contact(s). The message contains a summary of the just-completed backup job and a detailed log file of the current backup configuration. This happens automatically.

If you are Pro-Partner designated to receive these messages, and you have a large number of clients, the number of email messages you need to read can be overwhelming. In these cases, we strongly suggest you try our new REPORT CARD.

What is a Report Card?

REPORT CARD is an easy-to-read tabular report you can receive daily (and/or weekly) which summarizes the backup status of all your clients. By reviewing this single report, you get an at-a-glance status of all your accounts without having to actually review every backup email message.

What information is included?

The report lists the name of every account you currently monitor including all subaccounts. We detail the name of every backup set, the date/time of the last run, the number of files backed up, the size of the batch, the number of exceptions logged and the reference ID we use to track your backup internally.

By default, the last 7 days of backup history are displayed. The tabular format of the report make it easy to spot customers with backup trouble.

How do I setup this report for my clients?

To request the setup of a Report Card, please complete this form:

Report Card

Request Setup of a Report Card

  • Name of Pro-Partner requesting Report Card Setup
  • Email address where you currently receive client status messages at the conclusion of each backup
  • The number of days of history you want reported. Default is 7 days
  • Email address where you want the daily/weekly report sent

    How often you want to see the Report Card.
  • Please use this field to add any special instructions to your request.

Can I send my CLIENT a summary report of just THEIR backups?

Yes. If you provide us with the name of the client’s account and their contact email address we can send them a summary report of just their account. Clients with many users and/or many unique backup jobs will likely find this report useful.

Does the Report Card include information about Full Image Backups?

Yes. Although locally image backups are not transmitted over the Internet, the Report Card will list each local job and identify it as local-only. The size of the backup and exceptions are also reported — same as if it was an offsite backup of critical files.

How can I get a copy of the data used to create the report?

Managed Service Providers (MSPs) often send their clients a report of backup activity each month along with other account service information. To facilitate this, attached to all Report Cards is a spreadsheet-compatible collection of the data used to create the Report Card.

Open the attachment in a spreadsheet and you will be able to sort and format the data to suit your specific client needs.

Pro-Partner Business Documentation

We’ve tried to make it as easy as possible to do business with us. Here we present the details of our business relationship. In these documents, we explain the benefits of our program, what OUR responsibilities are, what YOUR responsibilities are, the opportunities we BOTH have to be successful and how we compensate you for success.

Sales Agent Agreement

Important: Download, print, review and complete this 2-page sales agent agreement and attached W-9 disclosure. Sign and date the documents as indicated. You must complete and return this information to be eligible for compensation in the Dr.Backup Pro-Partner program. If you are not a U.S.-based business, you do not need to complete the W-9 tax declaration.

Scan and email the document(s) to: or you fax to our secure fax server at: 301-576-4037.

Reseller Agent Agreement

High-volume sales agents (with over 1,000 endpoints) may be eligible for our white-label reseller agreement. This enables you to brand Dr.Backup as your own service and to pre-purchase bulk quantities of disk storage and client licenses which can then be resold. The option to sell under a private brand is granted in a very limited number of cases and requires execution of our Reseller Agent Agreement.

Note: You do NOT need to execute this agreement in order to bundle Dr.Backup into more comprehensive services packages that you offer, deliver and bill for. In these cases, Dr.Backup will invoice YOU the Pro-Partner net earned commissions.

Pro-Partner Affiliate Fact Sheet

The benefits of being a Dr.Backup Pro-Partner are detailed on our main website. Additional benefits of the program are captured on this one page document.

Pro-Partner Program Explained

This presentation is a detailed explanation of how the sales agent program actually works. Suggestions are made on how to position backup services as the cornerstone of a continuously recurring revenue stream. It is highly recommended that you take a few minutes to review these slides.

Sales Compensation Program Explained

This presentation explains how the Pro-Partner commission payments are calculated. It also highlights the responsibilities of both the partner and Dr.Backup. Please note that compensation plans are subject to change at any time – however changes (if any) are typically implemented on an annual basis and are pre-announced.

Important: To receive ongoing commission payments, you must be an agent in good standing !

Revenue Opportunities with Online Backup

Dr.Backup hosted an informational webinar for IT professionals nationwide on how to use online backup services to protect their client files – and to generate a recurring revenue stream for their business. Although we can’t replay the webinar here, the slides are posted for reference and do tell most of the story.

Technical Notes

This section contains various notes related to the installation, configuration and operation of Dr.Backup services. These notes are included here for informational purposes only. All Dr.Backup services include our S.M.A.R.T. service delivery methodology which in many cases will handle the technical “heavy lifting” detailed in the tech notes below.

Firewall settings explained

Many third party firewall products now perform outbound IP connection filtering. This means that they actively control which programs running on your computer can communicate using the Internet. For Dr.Backup services to operate, adjustments to your firewall may be required. This tech note explains the changes required.

Windows Event Logging (for PSA tool integration)

Many of our Pro-Partners have begun to use PSA (Professional Service Administration) tools. While Dr.Backup email reports are comprehensive, the ability to use PSA tools to provide customer summary information or to auto-ticket backup troubles is a request we get frequently. Dr.Backup v11.17.7R5 (and later) will now write basic status information to the Windows Application event log. This tech note explains the events written and how to use the information they contain to support PSA tool integration.

Installation Checklist

Use this handy checklist to help ensure that you have properly prepared the client’s PC for software installation. Virtual  memory, temp space and power saver settings are reviewed. Remember, our part of our S.M.A.R.T. service delivery methodology these items will be verified as correct by your service technician.

Upgrading from previous versions

To upgrade existing software to the latest version — while maintaining your current file selections, retention settings and schedule — follow the steps outlined in this tech note. Since this process can be tedious, Dr.Backup support personnel may instead opt to use proprietary script tools called: “save settings” and “restore settings.”  Software updates are included in all Dr.Backup S.M.A.R.T. service offerings. Please contact support to permit us to directly assist with any required software update.