We’ll Pay You $100 Each Time You Introduce A Technology Professional To Dr.Backup – Here’s How…

Hundreds of information technology professionals throughout the US and Canada have already become Dr.Backup Pro-Partners. To date, our commissioned sales agent program has already paid out well over $3 million.

Successful partners simply educate their business clients about the benefits of “Done-For-You” online backup services – and in the process earn a healthy recurring monthly income.

You see, Dr.Backup has no in-house sales force. We depend 100% on our technology partners to spread the good word about this essential service to their customers.

The team here absolutely loves working with top notch technology consultants – so much so that we’ve been racking our brains trying to figure out a way to CLONE our most successful Pro-Partners.

Alas, neither Jeff Bezos nor Elon Musk have perfected this cloning technology quite yet. So, as a next-best thing, we’ve set aside a marketing budget and are introducing our first ever Pro-Partner referral campaign we call Refer-a-Pro.

Here’s How It Works

Recommend Dr.Backup to a peer technology company you trust. When they join the (free) Pro-Partner Program and make their FIRST SALE, you’ll receive a $100 VISA gift card.

Refer a second company – get a second gift card. This continues until we’ve spent the entire marketing budget – one hundred dollars at a time!

We’re betting that companies you’ll refer will be a cut-above the rest. These are the folks that we want to locate and spend our efforts teaming up with. So don’t delay.

This promotional offer will expire just as soon as the marketing budget is consumed. So open up your address book and let another tech shop in your area know what they are missing!

Ready To Get Started?

Contact your referral candidate and briefly talk to them about your experience as a Dr.Backup partner. If the candidate shows interest, advise them to register on the Become a Pro-Partner web page (top menu of our home page) and note that you referred them. 

When we receive the online registration, we’ll contact your referral and review the program features and benefits. When they complete their first sale, you’ll receive a $100 VISA gift card reward. It couldn’t be much easier!

Promotion Rules

  1. Only existing Pro-Partners in good standing (or retired “emeritus” partners) are eligible to receive VISA gift cards in return for referring qualified technology professionals.
  2. The referring partner MUST contact the candidate and discuss the benefits of Dr.Backup – please, no blind referrals.
  3. Current plans are for the promotion to run until 100 new Pro-Partners complete their first sale – however Dr.Backup reserves the right to extend or terminate this program at any time without advance notification.
  4. If we’ve made an error in this promotion or forgotten to mention something important here – consider it included.