If you’re not backing up, you’re asking for trouble. You will lose your data. It’s just a question of time. If you’re trying to do it all yourself, with the hardware and the setup, just to save a couple of bucks – I highly recommend you let the professionals deal with it so you can get back to doing what makes you money and relax knowing it has been completely taken care of by people who know what they’re doing.

Everyone is super busy these days. I try to remain organized and keep track of all my “to-do’s” but things fall through the cracks. It’s inevitable. I have another layer of comfort knowing Dr.Backup keeps an eye on my backups so that if one gets missed, I don’t have to be the one to notice; because I probably won’t. If it gets missed, they notify me then help find the reason so things can get back to smooth sailing right away.

We have relied on Dr. Backup for two major events. Once our server crashed. We were able to replace the server, restore the data and be back up and running the same day. I was inconvenienced, certainly, but I was never afraid all our data was lost. The second time was many years later and we replaced the server. Same scenario. We were able to simply hook up the new server, move the data onto it and we were back in business. Having online backup is a huge relief to me. I don’t have to concern myself with taking tapes out and locking them up in a fire safe environment, making sure the tapes have a good backup etc. I would have paid much more for that kind of peace of mind, but with Dr. Backup, the price is affordable.

Rochelle Walker
Brentwood Family Pet Care