Zero Trust Is A NEW And DIFFERENT Type Of Data Protection — The Perfect COMPLEMENT To Your Backup Service!

Now, there’s a painless way to say GOODBYE TO RANSOMWARE and  hello to a less stressful computing experience.

Imagine never again worrying about a single untended click, a malicious email attachment, or a moment of carelessness on the web, causing a major data loss event in your business.

The Dr.Backup Zero Trust Protection Service implements “strict” security filters. They ensure that ONLY pre-registered (“approved”) applications execute on a PC. This makes it nearly impossible for any ransomware software attack to succeed on a protected system.

It takes only one misstep, by one employee, to bring your business operations to a grinding halt.

So, if you still depend exclusively on traditional antivirus products to protect your business from today’s cybercriminals, you’re literally a “sitting duck” for the next cyber-attack.

This is because there are 500,000+ malware variants created every day. Which makes it impossible for traditional antivirus technology to provide robust protection against ransomware and other rapidly mutating viruses.

Even if you maintain computer backups – you still should still add this additional security capability. Because, while you can restore your data from backups, that process is far from painless and will result in downtime.

In addition, if your system is breached, “bad actors” will likely upload your data to the “Dark Web” for sale. Now, you run the added risk of exposing your trade secrets and customer information to the world…including your competition.

We’ve provided a much deeper explanation of Zero Trust technology here: More Information About Zero Trust Security Filters