Dr.Backup Team Member Supports Fight Against Covid-19


Major kudos to Dr.Backup technician John “JR” Richardson for his tireless work assisting our medical professionals in their fight against the Corona virus.

During the day, JR provides front-line technical support to our partners and their customers — helping small businesses to securely backup their business-critical data to the cloud.

But at night — like a true super hero — he operates a rack of 3-D printers in his garage to that creates customized
Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) for those on the front line.

(He did this by choice — and not because somebody invoked the “Defense Production Act” to twist his arm!!!)

JR specializes in making minor tweaks to the standard design of face masks and visor extenders. This helps to reduce the discomfort experienced by medical professionals that wear PPE around the clock.

We salute you JR!