Windows 8 Support for Early Adopters Here

I’m happy to report that our latest version of the Dr.Backup online backup client software (11.7.3) has been tested compatible with Microsoft Windows 8. You can now reliably use the backup client to protect business-critical files on Windows 8 Standard, Professional and Enterprise.

The backup application continues to run off the traditional desktop or in the Windows task scheduler as a background job. A “Metro-style” interface is not currently planned.

We do NOT support Windows 8 RT (based on the ARM processor) which is currently the operating environment used on the Microsoft Surface tablet product. The Microsoft Surface Pro tablet projected to ship in early 2013 will run the Windows 8 Professional operating system and should therefore be compatible with Dr.Backup.

If any of your clients get a new PC running Windows 8, please let us know so that we can schedule some time to get their backup software moved over to their new equipment.