Configuring Dr.Backup – Full Image Backup – Part 1

Recent versions of the Dr.Backup client software allow you to complement your online/offsite backups with a local image backup.

A local image backup is a virtual image (copy) of one or more partitions on your computer’s hard disk. This includes not only the mission critical files which may be archived offsite, but also the operating system, applications, and any/all data that makes your PC “what it is.”

Image backups are stored on a local disk (you provide) and can be used to rapidly recover bulk data. By complementing your local image backup with recent data from your online backup, you have the tools to achieve an acceptable recovery point objective (RPO) — and to meet a recovery time objective (RTO) of just a few hours.

The basic configuration of an online backup is covered in this Full Image Backup training video – Part 1. For most service packages, Dr.Backup technicians will perform these tasks on your behalf.

Important: Over time, changes to the Windows operating system and the Dr.Backup client software tend to occur. While the screenshots and options pictured in this video may change, the core concepts and procedures will generally remain valid.