Data Recovery Techniques – Full Image Backup – Part 2

In Part 1 of our Full Image Backing training video, we explained how a local image backup can be used to complement the offsite backup of mission critical data files. This process entails making a complete local image (copy) of the contents of one or more partitions on your computer’s disk drive(s).

The benefit of this technique is that it dramatically improves your ability to do rapid bulk data recovery — thereby shortening the time it takes to recover your data in an emergency situation (RTO).

In Part 2 of this video training series, we will provide overview instructions on how to use your local image backup to rapidly regain access to lost data. This is achieved by “mounting” the local image backup file (known as a “VHD”) on an alternate computer.

We will also provide a top-level overview (and actual demonstration) of how a technician can use a VHD to reconstitute failed computer. This will make application services (i.e., SQL Server, Exchange, LOB applications) available to end users. This is accomplished using your VHD image backup a PC emulator referred to as a “hypervisor.”

You can view the video here: Full Image Backup – Part 2.