Zero-Trust Security Blocks Bad Apps (Ransomware)

The Dr.Backup B3 Protection now enables you to use “Zero-Trust” security filters to protect all your windows computers. This ensures that any program not pre-registered as “approved” can’t execute on a PC — making it nearly impossible for a ransomware attack to succeed on a protected system.

There are over 1 million malware variants created every day. This means that it’s nearly impossible for traditional antivirus technology to provide robust protection against ransomware and other rapidly mutating viruses.

This resource provides a basic explanation of Zero-Trust and the industry-leading software product used to implement it. When every PC in an organization is protected, you won’t worry about a single bad click, malicious email attachment, or moment of carelessness on the web causing a major data loss headache.

Resource: Zero-Trust Security Blocks Bad Apps (pdf)