August 2012

Dr.Backup Annual Crabfeast

Most of the Dr.Backup family braved the 5+ mile backup on the Chesapeake Bay Bridge and arrived hungry and thirsty at the Harris Crab House and Restaurant on beautiful Kent Island, Maryland…a stone’s throw from the bay. This happy bunch managed to devour: 4 dozen large crabs, 4 pounds of spiced shrimp, 6 orders of... Read More

Offsite Backup – Most Definitely a Computing Essential

Offsite backup of critical computer files is often referred to as a “computing essential”. If digital information is important to you and your organization, you need to take responsibility for making sure that it is safely backed up offsite. When a failure occurs, and data is lost, there are no excuses. Sometimes, its good to... Read More

Hope you’ve got that computer backed up buddy!

Many small business owners think that they are saving money by not having a quality offsite backup solution such as Dr.Backup. But are they really? Well, let’s first get the obvious out of the way. If a business isn’t protecting their critical data by regularly taking a copy of their current files offsite, they are... Read More