Dr.Backup Update for Clients Impacted by Hurricane Harvey

Hurricane Harvey – Online Backup Client Advisory.

The staff of Dr.Backup continue to monitor the situation in Houston and the surrounding region. Our prayers go out to the thousands of families and businesses impacted by hurricane Harvey and the unprecedented residual rainfall.

We provide the online backup service for many businesses in the impacted area. Rest assured that the Dr.Backup staff is committed to assisting you recover your critical business data just as soon as you are ready.

We have compiled a brief list of questions/answers which may assist you in planning your recovery:

Question: My equipment is destroyed. Can I recovery my data to another computer?
Answer: Yes. You may recover all your data files to any computer connected to the Internet. Please contact Dr.Backup technical support at 301-560-4534 for assistance when you are ready.

Note: You *must* provide us with your encryption key in order to proceed with a data recovery.

Question: The credit card on file with you has expired or our service contact renewal date has passed (we haven’t paid you). What will happen to our data?
Answer: If you are in the greater Houston area, we will suspend access to your account — but hold on to your data for up to 1 year (or until we hear otherwise from you.) Your data will remain securely on our server and will not purge (age off) the service due to non-payment.

Question: I need to get back critical payroll (financial) information ASAP. Can you assist?
Answer: Yes. If you are in dire need of critical business data, please contact customer support by phone or email. We can make arrangements to download the required information to an alternate location or express ship a copy of your data to you (subject to carrier availability in your geography)

If you have any additional questions or otherwise require assistance, please call us at 301-560-4534 or email support@drbackup.net