Online Backup Nabs Crooked Bookkeeper

What happens when a critical computer file/folder is deleted…and the missing data is not discovered for several months?  This recently happened to a Dr.Backup client.

The bookkeeper of a small shipping company had been systematically embezzling funds from the company she worked at for almost 2 years. When the boss began suspecting foul play, the bookkeeper quit – but not before covering her tracks by deleting certain critical records from the accounting computer.

Months later, professional auditors tried to untangle the financial mess the shipping company found itself facing. When they began looking for certain financial records, the records were of course missing. Local backup tapes were searched, but most had been recycled many times over. Other tapes could just not be read or were missing.

The records were gone – or were they?

Fortunately, the local IT consultant had bundled Dr.Backup online backup service into the company’s monthly maintenance package. Unknown to the bookkeeper, critical files were being automatically backed up each night from the accounting system share – files she thought she had deleted.

The “keep latest version” feature – unique to the Dr.Backup client software – helped ensure that even though important files were deleted from the accounting system months ago, these files were not lost.

After a quick call to support, the files were restored from the online backup archive and provided to the auditors. Criminal and civil actions are now pending against the ex-bookkeeper!

Is your client’s data protected against this type of fraud? Ask your backup company if they maintain a copy of files that were deleted months ago!