May 2011

Viruses can Prevent Online Backups

Each day, 100’s of new viruses are “born” on the Internet. In most cases, these nasty pieces of malware are trapped by anti-virus software before they can infect your computer. But, sometimes viruses wind up on your disk – where they are seen as ordinary data files and are candidates for backup. If your online... Read More

Quickbooks Files for Online Backup

I was recently asked what I thought was a fairly simple question: What file do I select to backup my Quickbooks company data? Being the smart person I am…I immediately fired back a short email saying “just backup the .QBW file”. Seemed like a simple enough answer. But then, I got to thinking that maybe... Read More

Software Updates Can Break Online Backup

If I had a nickel for every time I heard a client say “why isn’t my backup working? – I didn’t do anything to my PC”  … well, I’d have a lot of nickels! Did you know that on a regular basis, Microsoft Windows (the control program for your computer) automatically accesses the Internet and... Read More

No Such Thing As a Set-It-and-Forget-It Online Backup Application

While many vendors offer products which claim to automatically create nightly online backups, we feel very adamant that THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A SET-IT-AND-FORGET-IT ONLINE BACKUP APPLICATION. If your business depends on an online backup service for disaster protection – and isn’t that why you have it – your backups MUST be regularly... Read More

TriCounty Mechanical Completes Dr.Backup Online Backup Job 3 Million

Congratulations to Perry Friz of TriCounty Mechnical in Emmaus, Pennsylvania. On Friday, May 13th, at 10:07 pm, TriCounty’s server successfully completed Dr.Backup‘s 3 millionth online backup job. Our thanks go out to Perry and his technology consultant Don Christman of Computer Troubleshooters. To mark this milestone, both Perry and Don will receive a VISA Gift... Read More

Friday the 13th = 3,000,000 Online Backups

Since 2001, Dr.Backup has been protecting the critical data files of businesses in the US, Canada and select international locations. We are proud to announce that sometime today, on lucky Friday the 13th, we will successfully complete our 3 millionth customer backup job. We track completed backup jobs on our website with a dynamic graphic... Read More

The “Hidden” Cost of In-House Backups

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, in June 2009 a typical worker earned $18.41 per hour (average across all non-farm industries EXCLUDING benefits.) If we assume it takes about 15 minutes per day for a staff person to run and verify that an inhouse backup successfully completed, the “hidden” labor cost to perform... Read More

RAID vs. Online Backup

If you know a business that uses RAID (see below) as their only method of avoiding data loss protection, you definitely need to help them better understand the risk they are taking. Not only is RAID not enough – it doesn’t even protect against the most common data loss threats! The table below makes a... Read More

Online Backup Nabs Crooked Bookkeeper

What happens when a critical computer file/folder is deleted…and the missing data is not discovered for several months?  This recently happened to a Dr.Backup client. The bookkeeper of a small shipping company had been systematically embezzling funds from the company she worked at for almost 2 years. When the boss began suspecting foul play, the... Read More