Data Recovery Techniques – Full Image Backup – Part 3

In Part 1 & Part 2 of our Full Image Backup training video, we explained how a local image backup can be used to complement the offsite backup of critical data files. We demonstrated how to “mount” a VHD formatted image and how to use a VHD to create a virtualized PC using VMware Workstation. These techniques can be used to help customers gain rapid access to large amounts of locally stored backup data.

In Part 3 of this video series, we will explain and actually demonstrate an advanced recovery technique known as “bare metal restore” (BMR).  Using BMR techniques, you can copy the contents of a VHD directly onto repaired or replaced computer equipment. The most common use of BMR is to recover from a physical hard disk crash. You might also choose to perform a BMR if you experience a serious malware or virus (ransomware) event that renders your computer inoperable.

You can view the video here: Full Image Backup – Part 3