Human Roadkill – What Ultimately Happens To Businesses Without Reliable Offsite Computer Backup

Trolling the internet, I came across this “human roadkill” image. Truth of the matter is that it’s not only a funny picture, it’s what you’ll feel like if (when) your business is attacked by a cyber criminal.

With over 30 years of industry expertise, I can tell you for sure, that there is no such thing as a full-proof cyber security solution.

Just because you have Microsoft Defender (or some other add-on software) installed on your PC or Server, you are not safe from serious criminals that want to wreck your business – or hold you hostage for $1,000’s of dollars in digital currency (Bitcoin) as a ransom fee.

Have a firewall on your network? Great. Are you safer? Probably. Is your business totally in the clear? Nope.

Have an intrusion detection system? Great – you’ll at least know you’ve been hacked – unlike the recent (2018) disclosure made by hospitality company Marriott that their network and customer information had been compromised in 2014!

By now, I’m sure your IT professional has tried to convince you to deploy some new whiz-bang-cyber-super-duper-best-thing-since-sliced-bread service. You should listen to them and weigh all the costs and benefits of what they propose. Does it make sense for you as a small business owner?

Alas, I’m not saying that you don’t need sophisticated, modern cyber security protection.

I’m not saying that you don’t need to train your staff on best practices for living in a digital world – you do.

BUT – the absolute truth is that as a small business YOUR FIRST LINE OF DEFENSE should be a rock-solid, reliable, offsite backup of your critical data files. When you have a solid backup strategy — painful as things may seem when a crisis arises — you won’t end up as roadkill.

As hard as you worked at building your business, why in the world wouldn’t you start with a safety net to protect you against a threat that you know is all around you?

If you’re reading this blog and you don’t have a trusted offsite/online backup solution for your business – STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING.

Contact Dr.Backup at 301-560-4534 or use this link to schedule a call with one of their technicians. Ask them about the “Done-For-You” fully managed online backup service for business.

Please get this taken care of today. It is the one computing essential that no small business should be without.