The “Humpty Dumpty” Backup Question

So you’re already using secure online backup to protect your critical files, folders and databases, right?

Well congratulations, you’ve taken an important first step to protect one of your organization’s most important assets – its data.

However, don’t forget to ask yourself the very important “Humpty-Dumpty” question:

How quickly can you put all the pieces back together if you had a great fall?

You see, there is always far more to recovering from a major disaster than just downloading some files from the cloud. The process of rebuilding your computing environment no doubt  includes most of these tasks:

  1. Re-installation of Windows and applying all outstanding patches
  2. Locating and installing all application software and licenses
  3. Setup of firewall, antivirus and other security policies
  4. Re-establishment of user profiles/preferences
  5. Configure Email and other communication services
  6. The re-joining of all workstations into a newly re-created domain! (Servers)
  7. Customization of your desktop

It is very common for it to take MANY DAYS and COST THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS to restore normalcy! But there is a backup technique that may dramatically reduce your recovery time and cost.

The Dr.Backup S.M.A.R.T. Local Image Backup Service makes a COMPLETE COPY OF YOUR ENTIRE COMPUTER DISK to inexpensive local backup media (you own) on a regular basis.

In the event of a “data disaster”, the combination of online file backup AND local image backup can dramatically speed up the time it takes to put Humpty Dumpty back together again.

For more details about the Dr.Backup S.M.A.R.T. Local Image Backup contact customer support. Learn how you can try this powerful service absolutely FREE for 30 days. It’s an inexpensive add-on that will pay for itself many times over with just a single use!

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