Data Protection For Microsoft (Office) 365 Subscription Users

Dr.Backup clients who are refreshing their technology platform and moving to this new subscription model should understand that Microsoft 365 subscriptions do NOT included commercial backup service -- and do not eliminate the need for proper data protection and backup processes. This whitepaper provides a more detailed explanation of what Microsoft recommends. Read More

Microsoft OneDrive: A Safety Net With Too Many Holes

If you own/operate a business, your livelihood depends heavily on the digital information you maintain about your products, services, employees and customers. Don’t be lulled into thinking that the use of OneDrive on your PC alleviates the need for you to follow proper data protection and backup processes. Relying exclusively on OneDrive to secure your... Read More

Dr.Backup Cloud Sync Backup Service – Overview & FAQ

Dr.Backup Cloud Sync Backup Service – Backup of mission critical data to a secure offsite server is essential. However, within any organization, not all data is of equal importance and there’s sometimes a need to economically perform “bulk” backup of data not critical to day-to-day operations. The Cloud Sync Backup Service is an add-on to... Read More

Dr.Backup Firewall and Internet Security Settings

If you operate your network in an enhanced security mode -- or otherwise actively restrict any outbound network connections to the Internet – then adjustments to your security software or firewall may be required. This technical note will summarize how the Dr.Backup service interacts with the Internet. Read More