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More on External Disk Storage

Back in late 2011, I wrote about the use of low-cost NAS devices as mission critical file shares. That blog post generated quite a bit of discussion with our Pro-Partner technicians around the country. While most agreed with the premise of the article, several others asked a related question: If my client is running low... Read More

Should you Trust the MTBF on a Disk Drive?

When you read the specifications on most modern disk drives, you’ll likely come across a statistic called MTBF. MTBF is the “Mean Time Between Failure” or the average time before the device is likely to fail. Disk drives usually carry an MTBF of over 1 million hours. Given that there are 8,760 hours per year,... Read More

Why we Proactively Monitor your Online Backup

Each month, Dr.Backup clients perform over 70,000 backup jobs resulting in millions of files being transferred onto our storage servers. Overall, the process runs very smoothly. However, not every scheduled backup progresses to a successful completion. Sometimes jobs don’t start. Other times, a file or folder will “error out” and fail to transfer. I estimate... Read More

Online backup of critical databases can be tricky

These days, more and more businesses run mission-critical applications which depend on complex database technology. Some examples include point-of-sale processing, patient electronic medical records (EMR), inventory control systems and financial accounting packages. If any of these applications fail, things get nasty quickly! To prevent permanent data lose and to minimize downtime, it is very important... Read More

Quickbooks Files for Online Backup

I was recently asked what I thought was a fairly simple question: What file do I select to backup my Quickbooks company data? Being the smart person I am…I immediately fired back a short email saying “just backup the .QBW file”. Seemed like a simple enough answer. But then, I got to thinking that maybe... Read More

RAID vs. Online Backup

If you know a business that uses RAID (see below) as their only method of avoiding data loss protection, you definitely need to help them better understand the risk they are taking. Not only is RAID not enough – it doesn’t even protect against the most common data loss threats! The table below makes a... Read More