Software Updates Can Break Online Backup

If I had a nickel for every time I heard a client say “why isn’t my backup working? – I didn’t do anything to my PC”  … well, I’d have a lot of nickels!

Install Updates MessageDid you know that on a regular basis, Microsoft Windows (the control program for your computer) automatically accesses the Internet and downloads updates? Updates repair software bugs, fix security vulnerabilities and often introduce new features or capabilities to your operating system.

These updates can – and sometimes do – make fundamental changes to the way your computer operates.

It is not uncommon for an update from Microsoft – or another application vendor – to “break” an online backup application. What’s worse is that since backups occur quietly in the background, you may not even know that things have gone awry!

Software updates are a fact of life. After any update,  you’ll want to routinely test your online backup (and other) applications to be sure they are properly operating.

A software update will frequently trigger the need for a backup application software update. An update of one application, could of course cause the need for another application update.

Ay-yi-yi. Aren’t computer wonderful? Thank goodness for backups 🙂

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