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Let the Bad Guys Win? (or use S.M.A.R.T. Online Backups)

These days, it’s very common for “bad guys” to use clever social engineering techniques to trick even the most careful worker into voluntarily starting a malware infection. A modern computer virus (sometimes referred to as “malware”) is software that when executed on your PC provides unauthorized access to your private data — or can even corrupt... Read More

Do Self-Managed Backups Make Sense?

With quite a few web-based companies offering cheap online storage, you might be tempted to consider building (and self-managing) your own online backups. Even if you did have the in-house expertise to do this, you might want to reconsider. The economics of using Dr.Backup to professionally manage your backups are quite compelling. Consider that the... Read More

The Online Backup Service for a Smart Business

These days, everybody wants to make sure that they are managing their expenses – and that the services they do purchase represent a good value for their business. We get it! This is the exact reason that Dr.Backup bundles into our subscription packages all the software, online disk storage AND on-going technical support needed to... Read More

Dr.Backup Annual Crab Feast v.2015

The 2015 Dr.Backup annual crab feast was held at Floyd’s Crossroads Pub in Dayton, Maryland. Once again, our sharp crew assembled together for food, fun and to bid the summer farewell. This year’s theme was a celebration of the great outdoors. The parking lot was buzzing as Suzie and John arrived in their convertible Porsche... Read More

Managed Backup Service is LESS EXPENSIVE than Do-it-yourself

Given the world we now live in, the need for RELIABLE offsite backup of mission critical business information is indisputable – for all businesses! So what’s the most cost-effective way for a small business to reliably backup their data? Although it may at first sound counter intuitive, a managed backup service (the type delivered by... Read More

Building a Better Online Backup Service

Back in 2001, Dr.Backup deployed its first generation backup storage server. A series of 12 disks were inserted in a chassis and arranged into an array with fault tolerant technology called Raid-5. Each disk had approximately 146 GB of unformatted storage capacity. Ten of these disks actually held live customer data. One disk held Raid... Read More

Dr.Backup Annual Crab Feast v.2014

 The Dr.Backup annual crab feast was held at Jerry’s Seafood Restaurant (Home of the “Crab Bomb”) in Bowie, Maryland. This is the one business meeting of the year that everybody is happy to attend. Jerry’s is a very popular destination and they don’t take reservations. I volunteered to get to the restaurant about 30 minutes... Read More

Business 101 Radio Show Interviews Dr.Backup Founder

Dr.Backup founder and managing partner Mitchell Romm will be interviewed on the talk radio show “Business 101 with Scott Gingold” on Saturday, July 26, 2014 at 11:15am ET. The show will air live on WGPA AM Radio 1100 in the Bethlehem Pennsylvania area. You can also catch the broadcast over the Internet at The... Read More

Online Backup Performance – A Testing Methdology

 Suppose you have important business information that you want to protect with a secure backup to the Internet. One of the many questions you’re likely to ask a potential vendor is: How long will it take to actually perform the backup? In this blog post we’ll see what’s actually involved in answering this common question... Read More

Online Backup for Large SQL Databases

These days, many businesses use industry-specific software applications. At the core of these applications is an SQL database. This database is the information repository that defines the business. It often includes items such as customer profiles, financial and payment information, order history, images, technical specifications and more. This is THE mission critical information that absolutely... Read More