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Dr.Backup Annual Crab Feast v.2014

 The Dr.Backup annual crab feast was held at Jerry’s Seafood Restaurant (Home of the “Crab Bomb”) in Bowie, Maryland. This is the one business meeting of the year that everybody is happy to attend. Jerry’s is a very popular destination and they don’t take reservations. I volunteered to get to the restaurant about 30 minutes... Read More

Business 101 Radio Show Interviews Dr.Backup Founder

Dr.Backup founder and managing partner Mitchell Romm will be interviewed on the talk radio show “Business 101 with Scott Gingold” on Saturday, July 26, 2014 at 11:15am ET. The show will air live on WGPA AM Radio 1100 in the Bethlehem Pennsylvania area. You can also catch the broadcast over the Internet at The... Read More

Online Backup Performance – A Testing Methdology

 Suppose you have important business information that you want to protect with a secure backup to the Internet. One of the many questions you’re likely to ask a potential vendor is: How long will it take to actually perform the backup? In this blog post we’ll see what’s actually involved in answering this common question... Read More

Online Backup for Large SQL Databases

These days, many businesses use industry-specific software applications. At the core of these applications is an SQL database. This database is the information repository that defines the business. It often includes items such as customer profiles, financial and payment information, order history, images, technical specifications and more. This is THE mission critical information that absolutely... Read More

The Importance of Online Backup Security

  In today’s “everything digital” world, protecting your valuable business information can be challenging.  Firewalls, antivirus programs, filters, security appliances, intrusion detection monitors and more all play a role. Yet still, even with all these technological deterrents, none are 100% effective. The bad guys can still sometimes get into your network and do evil. You... Read More

Cloud Storage or Managed Online Backup Solution?

 One question we get asked almost daily is “Why Dr.Backup?” While most of our existing clients know the answer, it’s often best to explain to a new prospect using this analogy: Consider what happens if …the brakes on your car squeak and you come home from the auto parts store with a box of brake... Read More

Dr.Backup Annual Crab Feast v.2013

The weather was absolutely gorgeous for the third annual Dr.Backup Crab Feast held on August 4th in Laurel, Maryland. We all watched (and ate) in amazement for almost 3 hours as Sherry and Melanie battled the elements (bright sunshine) to determine who would win the crab-picking championship. In the end, the queen stood alone! This... Read More

Dr.Backup Completes 5,000,000th Online Backup

Woo-hoo! We are proud to announce that on June 24th, 2013, at 11:06pm, Laura Creel completed Dr.Backup’s 5,000,000th S.M.A.R.T. online backup! Laura is a counselor with Laureltree Family and Academic Counseling Services of Huntsville Alabama – and loyal client of Dr.Backup since 2007. As a token of our appreciation a gift card will be on... Read More

All Disk Drives Ultimately Fail – R.I.P. P1-D1

It happened this past weekend. The oldest drive in the Dr.Backup online backup storage network passed quietly into the darkness that is cyberspace. The oldest drive, or as we call it “P1-D1” (for Port 1, Drive 1) hard failed and had to be replaced. According to the writing on a slightly-faded label, P1-D1 began life... Read More

Backup of a Backup – Best Practices

Generally, if properly managed, an online backup can be the lifeline that helps a business prevent major data loss from an unplanned disaster.  After all, online backups are offsite and impervious to fire, flood, theft, etc. However, as in everything, there are some caveats. One such caveat I’d like to write about about involves the... Read More