Tad Hinckley

Hinckley CPA

“Somehow, someway, I deleted all of my client QuickBooks data files. I called Dr.Backup and got right through. Within minutes they were connected to my computer and assisting in the restore of the lost data. By the next morning, the Dr.Backup folks had moved everything back to where it should be. Awesome service and a tremendous relief!” ...Read More

Kim Fields

Fields Family Eye Center

“As an optometry office, if we can't get into patient's files and sell glasses, we don't make any money -- so the financial impact is huge. Dr. Backup has been great in retrieving my files quickly when needed. I would highly recommend them.” ...Read More

Ken Saunders

Argos Engineers

“Dr.Backup is big enough to get the job done and small enough to provide personal service. When you call, you will talk to a competent, capable and friendly person who will address your concern directly.” ...Read More

Linda McHugh

The McHugh Company

”Dr.Backup’s staff does an excellent job of keeping connected with The McHugh Company…this continual contact puts a business owners mind at rest, to know that the backup process is working as planned.” ...Read More

Rochelle Walker

Brentwood Family Pet Care

“If you’re trying to do backups all yourself, with the hardware and the setup, just to save a couple of bucks – I highly recommend you let the professionals deal with it so you can get back to what makes you money…knowing it has been taken care of by people who know what they’re doing.” ...Read More

Marc Rossenbach

Compu-Tax & Accounting

“It gives me great peace of mind to know that someone is watching our backups and is as concerned about them as I am.” ...Read More

Kim Porter

Knudtson Law

”If you haven’t experienced an issue…don’t think it won’t happen to you. Because it will, and when it does, you will be grateful for the support and help of Dr. Backup.” ...Read More

Frank Bizzell

ATCO Products, Inc.

“Dr.Backup sets the standard for customer service. We can only hope that we serve our customers as well as they serve us.” ...Read More

Russ Sufi

Siska CPA

“I would give the technical support 5 out of 5 stars. You are very thorough and give us easy to follow instructions.” ...Read More

Deanna Picone


“I am confident that whenever I reach out to Dr. Backup I am able to speak with a skilled individual immediately and we are able to deal with the issue at hand right away. They are responsive and knowledgeable.” ...Read More